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Flame Orange Booster 500ml

The Flame Orange Booster 500ml is similar to an ultrawide can as far as the nozzle and high pressure/output. The acrylic-based action Booster spray with high pressure and a high output in two colors. Perfect for filling big surfaces within a short time thanks to the high pressure booster adjustment of the spray can. The handling of the booster spray is pretty comfortable thanks to its soft valve and booster cap. 500ml can size makes it easier to carry around with you.

Fast application
High output
Matt coating (black only)
Constant All-Season™ performance
Excellent opacity & UV-resistance
For all surfaces (indoor & outdoor)
Special booster-cap
2 colors
500 ml

Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions2.40 × 2.40 × 7.10 in

Black, Chrome

2 reviews for Flame Orange Booster 500ml

  1. johnjohn213

    I love the ultrawide cans I just wish these were bigger like MadMaxx cans. I bought 1 of each and ran through em pretty quick but they do cover. PS- do not use on a windy night or you’ll be covered in paint.

  2. cespoke718

    had to grab one after that video you posted on insta. they run out fast especially if you have more than 3 or 4 letters in your name but if you can afford to use these nobody will be able to compare. these dominate.

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