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About Us

About Us

Hot Razzberry is the website and business name we use to distribute Illadel Graffiti Supplies and Vandalistik Apparel to our customers around the globe. The Hot Razzberry name is actually borrowed from an old school vintage Krylon color from back in the day. Hot Raspberry 2112 was the stamp on the barcode on all the old Borden-stock cans.

Our Illadel products are made with the highest quality materials available. All of the Colorz Premium heavily-pigmented ink is mixed by hand in small batches to assure uniform colors and to achieve the highest quality possible. Our Black Label Ink is by far the hardest-staining, most buff resistant bombing ink on the current market. We’ve been making and selling some of the highest quality, longest-lasting ink in the Graffiti “industry” since 2006.

Everything is sourced by us, tested with our ink & paint to make sure its compatible and then packaged and sold to the public. Over the years we had to stop distributing our products once or twice due to legal issues but always ended up back in business.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out our mops or markers I suggest you check ’em out, give them a thorough street test and make your decision. You will not be disappointed.